Session is a way to vent productively -- 

share whatever you're dealing with anonymously and receive a video from a world-class mental health professional to help you with it.

why we need to session

Think of something challenging that you don't talk about with anyone. Studies have found this type of "loneliness"is as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes/day. The U.S. Surgeon General has declared it a public health crisis. 

how it works


(and you shall)



Share whatever you're

dealing with anonymously

using our voice changer

Gain insight from a video created by a world-class mental health professional.



what people are saying about session


ways to session

session singles

  • Vent With Us

    Vent with us over 30m phone call

    30 min

Call & record your vent (up to 4m) anytime.


10 VentPass (Solo)

10 VentPass (Solo)

Call & record your vent (up to 4m) anytime.


Vent Solo

Vent Solo



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