but tough times are

better together

Match anonymously with others  who have walked in your shoes and

have guided conversation over voice memo (using our voice changer


how it works




Leave a voice memo describing how you're dealing with something tough (using our voice changer)

Match anonymously with others who have dealt with similar scenarios

Find breakthroughs by exchanging answers to doctor-designed questions (over anonymous voice memo)

example voice memos


why we need to session together

We're all dealing with something tough on our own. Studies have found this type of "loneliness" can create as much stress on our bodies as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The U.S. Surgeon General has declared it a public health crisis. 

why it works

Every time you open up it helps many others. That's because the parts of the story you usually leave out are the ones that can make all the difference for someone in a similar position. Record something you're dealing with anonymously (like this) using our voice changing technology

what people are saying

“With Session we will finally be able to touch the lives of those who have historically been out of reach. We're on the cutting edge.” 


Jessica Feldman

Director, Program Services