We need to course correct

Studies show that even though we’re more connected than ever, we’ve also never been more lonely or divided. This type of living has been found to be as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


Our social media feeds are filled with vacation selfies and wedding proposals -- the parts of our story that gets "likes." But where do we share the other parts, where our lives are messy? We have a lot more in common than we think. Technology was supposed to help us come closer together. Unfortunately, it's distorting how we see the “real world” and dividing us further. This is affecting our mental health -- rates of depression and anxiety have never been higher.


Remember how to rise

When times are tough, we are greater than the sum of our selfies.


Each of us is filled with honest, complete stories that can be therapeutic to millions if given the opportunity to be shared. Session is more than a company; it’s a mental health movement. It is needed more than ever in the dawn of social media’s side effects. It’s powered by our ability to unite with no names, no likes and no judgement.

Session reminds us that when we're low, we can band together and rise.  


Respect privacy again

An ethical privacy policy is something Session demands of itself in an era filled with dubious digital practices. As a doctor-led organization, Session will operate with the same standards to "do no harm" that doctors are sworn to uphold when caring for patients. So, just as you are not concerned that your doctors sell information about your Asthma or Diabetes to anyone, you can be certain that Session will not use your data inappropriately either.

Who we are

We are a network of 68 distinguished mental health professionals and community leaders from across the country - some of us are physicians from teaching hospitals while others are passionate activists at national non-profits and local faith-based groups.


With the leadership of Deepak Penesetti MD, “Triple Boarder” pediatrician, adult & child psychiatrist and Chair for American Psychiatric Association's Division of Health Equity and Lloyd Sederer MD, Harvard psychiatrist-turned-Mental Health Commissioner of New York City, we’ve banded together to give everyone the opportunity to improve their mental health through peer support.

  • Fictionless, Founder of CLIO-Shorty-Webby winning film production agency

  • Producer for Netflix series

  • United Nations Global Accelerator

  • Executive Producer of MTV World

  • Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network

  • Board for the New York Center for Communications.

Deepak Penesetti MD

Chief Executive Officer

Raeshem Nijhon

Chief Experience Officer

Lloyd Sederer MD

Chief Medical Officer

Deepak Penesetti MD

Chief Executive Officer

  • “Triple Boarder” Pediatrician, Adult &        Child Psychiatrist

  • American Psychiatric Association,            Chair, Division of Health Equity (committee)    

  • 2016 SAMHSA Award winner

  • Imagine Health, Founder, CLIO winning creative agency for public health

Raeshem Chopra Nijhon

Chief Experience Officer

Lloyd Sederer MD

Chief Medical Officer

  • New York Office of Mental Health,          Commissioner, Chief Medical Officer

  • Harvard, McLean Hospital,                     Medical Director, Executive VP

  • American Psychiatric Association,        Director of Clinical Services

  • Author of 15 books and over 400 publications