What is Session?

Session is a self-care plan created by doctors to provide an accessible, affordable and anonymous way to help you improve your mental health.

Who made Session?

Session was created by Triple Board Program Pediatrician, Adult and Child Psychiatrist, Deepak Penesetti MD, Founder of the CLIO-winning non-fiction film production agency Fictionless, Raeshem Nijhon, and former NYC Mental Health Commissioner and Harvard Psychiatrist, Lloyd Sederer MD. Check out our "Who We Are" page to learn more.

Is Session a replacement for professional mental health care?

Session is not a replacement for professional mental health care. While Session can be an excellent addition to professional mental health services, we do not currently provide professional care. For a list of 3rd party mental health resources, visit our "Resources" page.

What are the community guidelines?

Our community culture is centered around 1. No names, 2. Share your experience not your advice, and 3. Always speak respectfully. For more our information on our community rules, please refer to our "Policies" page.

What do our voices sound like on Session?

All Session calls utilize SessionVoice, our natural voice altering technology, which changes your voice in a way that makes it sound different from your own but still natural and nuanced. Try it out on our "SessionVoice" page.

Who are the Session Supporters?

Our Session Supporters are individuals who are trained in facilitating our Group and Solo Sessions. Our Supporters help the community follow our guidelines while recognizing and notifying individuals who may need professional services beyond the scope of Session.

Is Session free?

You can sign up for a free 2 week long trial of Session here. Afterwards, Session is a paid membership service with three levels of self-care: Listen, Share, and Rise.


What is a Solo Session?

A Solo Session is a guided phone conversation with the purpose of helping you learn more about yourself. The questions were designed by Dr. Penesetti and Dr. Sederer, and are asked by a trained Session Supporter. With SessionVoice, our natural voice altering technology, you are able to share honestly and anonymously.

How long are Solo Sessions?

Solo Sessions last for about 30 minutes.

Pro Insights

What do I get from Pro Insights?

We will send you a daily dose of mental wellness in the form of bite-sized professional commentaries and curated quotes from real people. See samples on our home page.

Are professionals involved?

Once a week, you will receive a bite-sized commentary from an expert within our network of distinguished mental health professionals. They will explain a psychological principle by referencing real stories shared anonymously on Session.

How do I receive Pro Insights?

Once a week, Pro Insights are sent directly to your phone via text message on topics that you are most interested in. They are also stored on your Dashboard. See samples on our home page.


How do I join a Group Session?

After your first SoloSession, a profile will be generated for you through SessionSync. This allows us to match you into a high quality and productive peer-support group.

How does SessionSync work?

SessionSync connects you with like-minded individuals who are struggling with the same things you are so you can have a productive, real conversation.

Do Group Sessions have moderators?

Group Sessions are facilitated by our trained Session Support staff, who uphold community guidelines.

How long are Group Sessions?

A typical Group Session lasts for about 30 minutes. Up to 5 participants take turns sharing.

Is it effective to speak to others who are also struggling?

Peer support is extremely effective when done correctly. Our discussions are doctor-designed after a rigorous study of our patients. Each session has a direction in addition to a topic, i.e "I want my marriage to be better," not "My marriage stinks." This helps ensure that the conversation is productive and that participants have the same goals.

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