Founders' Statements

Deepak Penesetti MD

Lloyd I Sederer MD

I was 7 years old when I overheard a story about someone I'm very close to "falling" out of a building and miraculously surviving. It prompted a lot of questions for me -- "Why did they fall?" "Will I fall?" 

I do what I do to know that I'm meant to be here.

My parents got married in a small town in India before moving to New York City. They fought through tough times, so my brothers and I could prosper. We didn't talk about our problems with anyone, let alone a professional. And despite being surrounded by so many great people -- I still felt alone. Like no one could truly understand our challenges or our experience, so, why bother talking about them?

I want to help those who won't make it to my office.

As a Psychiatrist, I have the privilege of helping people with things they have often never shared with anyone else. I’ve learned that the parts of our story we leave out, are the ones filled with the most insights. I imagine what would it be like if we had a giant therapist office with glass walls? Where the stories buried within each of us had the opportunity to be deposited and then withdrawn securely -- like a community "TruthBank."


Maybe we could heal? Ourselves and each other...

Deepak Penesetti MD


Founder & CEO