People in Alcohlics Anonymous

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I investigated AA for the first time by sitting in the back of a room and didn't go back until several years later. Now, I'm an "old timer" in AA. I know there's a difference between being alone and being lonely -- and by being connected to everyone in AA I know I'm never alone. It helps me stay sober and I like it better this way. Now, I'm part of the "no matter what" club and I do whatever it takes to stay connected and sober -- that's why I am starting these phone meetings. Using Session I can respect all of our traditions. Also I can help carry the message and do service for all those struggling with alcohol out there but can't make it to a meeting. I heard about this tool from a doctor and also at the National Alcoholics Anonymous Technology Workshop.


Note: all callers are anonymous even to the person/organization that started the Session

August 3 EST


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