Founders' Statements

Raeshem Chopra Nijhon

I would rally the other neighborhood kids around the cul-de-sac of my subdivision in Michigan. My mission, as my mother recounts, was to put on skits to re-enact the ridiculous things that took place at our school.


As a Filmmaker/Founder/Activist of Culture House, I have spent my career telling real people’s stories with the desire to impact our most pressing cultural issues. I’m not sure if at the age of 9, I was trying to make sweeping change with my playmates or was just looking for an excuse to play! What I do know is that I find nothing more fascinating than one another’s lives. 


I have produced films and television series featuring everyone from rural farmers in North Carolina to senior level government officials and Hollywood celebrities. My work has screened on Netflix, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, among other networks and festivals. The common thread consistently comes back to how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about the world and how we process our lives. 


I believe these universal questions are at the root of our greatest weaknesses and strengths as a society. If we’re able to tap into one another’s true feelings and experiences, I’ve seen firsthand both the profoundly cathartic nature of sharing and the deeply therapeutic value of listening. By talking about our lives with one another in an unfiltered, unapologetic context- we have the power to lift one another up. I strive to gather stories and bring them to audiences with compassion and nuance, to be part of that impact.  


But with SessionTogether, I and CultureHouse won’t be using any fancy cameras, editing bays, or equipment. We’re quite simply helping tell the greatest non-fiction story ever told - straight from the source.

Raeshem Chopra Nijhon

Founding Partner

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