Why now?

Studies show that even though we’re more connected than ever, we’ve also never been more lonely. 


Our social media feeds are filled with vacation selfies and wedding proposals -- the parts of our story that gets "likes." But where do we share the other parts, where our lives are messy? Unfortunately, it's affecting our mental health -- rates of depression and anxiety have never been higher.



Remember how to rise

When times are tough, we are greater than the sum of our selfies.


Each of us is filled with honest, complete stories that can be therapeutic -- to ourselves and others -- when shared. Session is more than a company; it’s a mental health movement. It is needed more than ever in the dawn of social media. It’s powered by what we have in common and not by our names, likes or judgement.

Session reminds us we don't need to go it alone, we can session together.

Respect privacy again

An ethical privacy policy is something Session demands of itself in an era filled with dubious digital practices. As a doctor-led organization, Session will operate with the same standards to "do no harm" that doctors are sworn to uphold when caring for patients. So, just as you are not concerned that your doctors share your personal information about Asthma or Diabetes with anyone, you can be certain that Session will not use your data inappropriately either.